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Description This Portal covers the fundamentals of Outward Bound including its history, philosophy and the key components that have sustained its development over the last 70 years, as well as supporting evidence as to its effectiveness.

The history of Outward Bound traces its development from the educational philosophy of Dr Kurt Hahn who brought together educational concepts ranging from those of Plato to Baden-Powell and then implemented them in his school at Salem in Germany and later at Gordonstoun in Scotland. These then formed the foundation for his collaboration with Laurence Holt of the Blue Funnel Line in 1941 to directly address the problem of young merchant seamen dying in the Battle of the Atlantic as a result of a lack of self confidence and willpower. This story continues with the spread of Outward Bound centers around the world.


The foundations of Outward Bound would be incomplete without examining the scientific research that confirms what many intuitively believe to be the benefits of the Outward Bound experience.


"We will become more effective as we develop a more professional language for Outward Bound.
Most of our literature is painted in broad, thick strokes, sweeping social generalities,
broad-based humanitarian goals, the romanticism of wide open spaces...
We need to sharpen our dialogue in the areas of educational theory, group work concepts and
management theory. Our practices are far more advanced than our ideology."
Some Educational Implications and Contributions of Outward Bound by Garry Richards, 1977

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