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Return of the Odyssey!

OB Odyssey '09 Heads Downeast!

Congratulations! Despite rough seas, sleepless nights, and long periods of rowing in light winds, twenty OBUSA instructors are in the home stretch of a bold seven-week expedition that they planned, organized and raised funds for on their own. The Odyssey Expedition was once a rite of passage for Outward Bound USA sailing instructors. With the arrival of the HI-30 sailboats last year, a handful of instructors took the initiative to bring the Odyssey concept back to life. Visit the Odyssey Expedition 2009 for more information about this exciting service and training expedition. View the pictures and read the blog.


  • 2,500 miles
  • 50 Days at Sea April 17th to June 6th
  • Key Largo, FL to Spruce Head, ME

VESSEL SPECIFICATIONS: Rodger Martin Design - Sharpie Schooner - HI-30 30 ft. Open Boats, Sprit-Rigged, Up to Six Oars for Light Winds, No Engine/Outboard Motor