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WELCOME to the OB Europe Portal

This portal was developed during and as a result of conversations held during the OB Europe meeting in Slovakia 31st January - 2nd February 2008 hosted by OB Slovakia in Bratislava.

The Outward Bound Europe website is almost ready: Outward Bound Europe

OB Europe Collaboration[edit]

There was a need identified for European schools to collaborate more fully with regard to marketing , staff training, and fund raising. European delegates decided to create a European Network to address these needs.

Participating Schools include:

Topics for European Network to Investigate and Develop[edit]

  • European Union Funding
  • Cooperation (short term project)
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Training Courses

Next Steps (to take place post meeting:)[edit]

  • List of responsible people for EU-funding for every country
  • Set OB Europe website
    • register domain
    • design site
  • Invite OB Israel to be in OB Europe Group
  • Collect contact information
  • Set up email group
  • Involve the UK (Juraj will send email to Nick Barret)

Outward Bound Europe Meeting[edit]

See: Outward Bound Europe/Meeting

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